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  Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Some of our project vehicles

SEMA Rubicon SEMA Rubicon - 2003 Rubicon, This former daily driver got a complete make-over for the 2004 SEMA show. We're talking six inches of Fabtech long arm suspension, 37" Toyo M/T tires, Robby Gordon Off-Road 17" wheels, and LOTS more. Naturally, there were several new Skid Row goodies included as well.

Jeep finally made a real Jeep again ..... more or less .....
Mud Puppy Mud Puppy - This is the Jeep that started it all wallowing in the mud on the Dam/Donkey trail in Mt. Pocono, PA. Purchased new in 1993, this '94 YJ has been all over the country from Moab to Tellico to Paragon. While it hasn't rolled yet, it's been very close. This Jeep has the 2.5L engine with most of it's original 5 speed tranny. It recently received an ARB locker in the front axle with 4.56 gears and a Ford 8.8 rear axle with factory limited slip and disc brakes. There's a Tom Wood's Custom driveshaft in the back and it has 31x10.50 tires on Moab rims leftover from the Rubicon project above. We've even mounted the spare tire in traditional CJ style...on the side! And of course, it has one of our engine skid plates under it protecting the engine from rocks and other nasty surprises. This rig proves that you don't need tons of lift to play on some of the coolest trails around.

Real Jeeps love playing in mud......
Nunzilla Nunzilla - This poor '95 Cherokee was rolled on the street and totaled, but we saved it from the crusher. It's got a decent stereo and the AC works! We jacked up the roof, put a windshield in it, slapped on a quick 4" lift using some leftover parts, and finally added some 32x11.50 Super Swampers that we had lying around. We then took it wheeling and decided we hate 3.07 gears. So a 4:1 kit was added to the t-case along with a simple, but strong, hillbilly driveshaft made from receiver tubing. Since then we added a front Dana 44 and a rear AMC20 from a Wagoneer and Miller locked them both. There are Rubicon Express 4" Extreme Duty springs in the rear now along with 35x13.50 Toyo M/T's. We've taken it on lots of gnarly trails, rolled it, busted out most of the glass, and wrinkled every last bit of sheetmetal on it....all in the name of fun and making sure that the skids underneath hold up to the beating that fun trails can dish out.

Sometimes real Jeeps are rescued.....
S%*# Brown S%*# Brown - was a 1979 Golden Eagle that was purchased in March of '96. It had a 258 6 cylinder engine out of an '81 CJ since the original motor spun a bearing on the Fourth of July 1999. It had the way cool T-18 tranny and was the most stock vehicle in our stable. We even received an award with it from the Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance for "Managing to squeeze every last bit of life out of a Golden Eagle CJ7 that should have been dead a long time ago. If this Jeep was a horse, it would have been glue by now (much like the glue that holds it together!)."

Real Jeeps live forever.......Well....not always. Look below.
Au Eagle Au Eagle - was a chassis up rebuild done here in our shop. We just couldn't justify patching S%*# Brown together for PA state inspection any more. So it was decided to rebuild and make improvements along the way. We found a 1986 CJ7 which had been totaled by an engine fire with only 49k miles on the clock and used that as our foundation. S%*# Brown became a donor vehicle and we used as much of it as possible to retain the flavor of the '79 Golden Eagle. Including the drivetrain and any Golden Eagle specific parts. However, since it's owner, Pam Weidemoyer, loves white vehicles we had to paint it white for her. But not just any white. We used the original shade of white that was available in 1979. Ask her about Au Eagle the next time you call. She loves to talk Jeeps! Anyhow, it turned out fantastic and is a real head turner. Actually, it turned out too nice and now she doesn't want to take it on the trail!!! So she now has another white Jeep....take a look below....

Sometimes Real Jeeps are reborn......
Pyrite Pyrite - This is Pam's new trail rig. It's a 1989 YJ that she picked up for a song. We built it up in a less than a month so she could play in Tellico during our 2002 trip. We fixed it's electrical and carb problems basically making it reliable enough to run. We then added 4.10 gears with a Lock-Rite up front in the original D30 and a Ford 8.8 in the rear out of a 2002 Ranger truck. We had to put a short shaft kit in the t-case and a new Tom Wood's Custom driveshaft to get everything to work right. We installed a set of TJ flares and a 1" body lift and then mounted a set of 33x12.50 BFG MT's on it. It's a great trail rig and it gets its name from the fact that it's also being built to resemble her CJ7 Golden Eagle....but is it really just fool's gold?

Sometimes Real Jeeps are copy cats......
Mingo Mingo - 1998 Jeep TJ Wrangler Sport: This gun metal blue '98 TJ belongs to our friend Jinks Heistand. (Yup. That's his real name!) It's got all sorts of modifications including a 4.5" Rubicon Express suspension lift and 35"x 10.50 Interco Super Swamper tires. The rear axle is a Dana 44 with a Detroit electric locker while the front has the original Dana 30 axle with an OX Locker. Both have 4.56 gears. We installed a 1" Daystar body lift along with their 1" raised motor mounts to get a little extra clearance. There's also a short shaft kit installed in the original NP231 transfer case along with a Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts rear driveshaft. For safety's sake we added a Rock Hard 4x4 bolt-in roll cage to protect his noggin just in case he gets a little crazy. For recovery work, there's a Warn 9000i winch mounted up front. Naturally, we also installed a slew of Skid Row Offroad products including: Front & Rear NightCrawler Modular bumpers, Engine/Transmission Skid Plate, Gas Tank Skid Plate, Lower Control Arm Skid Plates, Radiator Guard, Straight-Cut Rocker Panel Guards, Mirror Relocation Brackets, Top Prop, Tonno Prop. Jinks has wheeled this Jeep all over the place and has had a lot of fun with it. Watch for him and his pink flamingos. You can't miss them!

Eugene Eugene - 2000 Jeep TJ Wrangler Sport: This Solar Yellow TJ was built up with less than 2000 miles on the clock and we immediately drove it cross country to Moab for the 2000 Easter Jeep Safari....for it's first offroad journey. It did great, but we almost flipped it over backwards on the Dump Bump while showing off for the camera!! Naturally, the camera's batteries died and we were asked to do it again. Yeah, right! This Jeep had 4" Teraflex lift, 33x9.50 BFG Mud Terrains, a Teralow transfer case conversion, Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts, bumpers and rocker guards from All JProducts, and a M.O.R.E. front roll cage installed. Naturally, it also had Skid Row engine/trans skid plate, control arm skids, and gas tank skid plate. Unfortunately, when the '03 Rubicon above was purchased, this Jeep was restored to its original condition and then sold. We told the girl who bought it that it had been wheeled, but we're pretty sure she has no idea that it had been laid on its side at least twice in Tellico!

Greenie Greenie - 1996 Jeep XJ Cherokee: This Jeep is Pam's daily driver, but sees occasional trail use: like a Jeeps R Us club trip to Tellico in 2005 where it got its first beauty scars. It's got a Rubicon Express budget boost, 31"x10.50 tires, and little else. Of course, it's outfitted with some Skid Row Offroad goodies!! Engine/Transmission Skid Plate, Transfer Case Skid Plate, Gas Tank Skid Plate, Lower Control Arm Skid Plates, and Front NightCrawler Modular Front Bumper.

Pikachu Pikachu - Our Nissan infatuated friend Christopher owns this incredible Xterra. While we've done a lot of work to it, he's the one with the vision and deep pockets needed to create this monster. It's running 36" Swampers on the trail and an ARB air locker in the rear. It's got complete skid plating and is quite capable of running the tough trails.

Sometimes Real Jeeps are....oh never mind!