Who are we?

We're offroaders, just like you.
Starting in 1999 Skid Row® began by providing the offroad Jeep community with top quality skid plates and innovative Jeep Wrangler accessories, such as our Top Prop. We knew that when it came to Jeep accessories, you wanted protection that worked and that was dependable. We also knew that part of the fun was working on your vehicle yourself. So we made sure that our products were tough, but not tough to install. It’s been over 20 years now and we haven’t forgotten.
During those years we’ve moved beyond our Jeep Wrangler roots to offer products for a greater variety of Jeeps as well as Toyota 4x4's and other models. Regardless of which one is your favorite, we strive to create products that you, our customer, can count on and that you can install yourself….because we know that building your vehicle is still part of the fun! However, we’re always happy to help out if you’ve got a question or concern.
Proudly made in South Central Pennsylvania, we are still a very small, employee-owned company and we remain dedicated to manufacturing here in the United States as we know it benefits our community. We are also committed to making quality products that let you enjoy your vehicle more whether it’s on the street or on a trail. We share your passion and always enjoy seeing our customers out having fun with our products. Happy trails!

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