JP-0019: Jeep TJ Wrangler Engine/Transmission Skid Plate for 4.0L 6-Cylinder (2003-2006)

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Trail rides are meant to be challenging and fun....

...The last thing you want to experience is damage to your Jeep like the offroad shop owner who told us he didn't think he needed a skid plate after installing a 4" lift on his then-new TJ. He mentioned that while ordering one of our skid plates because he had destroyed his oil pan on his first outing with his newly lifted Jeep. Not only did that make his day a whole lot more expensive, it was a waste of his valuable free time, and was totally preventable.

One easily installed skid plate provides the complete protection your drivetrain needs for fun on the trail...

...Designed specifically for the 2003-2006 model Jeep TJ with the 4.0L, six cylinder engine, this skid plate protects the engine oil pan, the transmission, and the front portion of the exhaust. It can be used with either manual or automatic transmissions and fits on stock height or lifted Jeeps. This skid plate is easily installed, but does require does the drilling of three holes to attach it to the factory transfer case skid plate. 

You not only get added protection and peace of mind, your Jeep will be more capable as well!

Our off-road testing showed that these engine/transmission skid plates help you get over obstacles by eliminating the "shovel effect" of the factory transfer case skid plate. That means that the leading edge of the t-case skid plate won't catch on whatever you're driving over and snow or mud is much less likely to become packed around the transfer case. Solidly mounted to the chassis, the smooth surface of the skid plate helps you slide over obstacles. It's also reinforced with 1/4" thick steel angle along the driver's side to provide plenty of strength while easily clearing both your exhaust system and your driveshaft.

No problem performing regular maintenance...

...because the diamond-shaped oil drain hole lets you change the oil without needing to remove the skid plate. Any oil that spills onto the skid plate can be wiped up by reaching over the open driver's side of the skid plate. 


  • Material: Made of 3/16 inch thick steel that is Laser Cut and CNC Formed
  • Finish: Semi-Gloss Black Powder Coat
  • Hardware: All Grade 5 zinc plated hardware is included
  • Shipping Weight: 48 lbs
  • Origin: Made in USA
  • Installation Instructions

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JP-0019: Jeep TJ Wrangler Engine/Transmission Skid Plate for 4.0L 6-Cylinder (2003-2006)

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