Since 1999 Skid Row has been providing the offroad community with top quality skid plates and innovative accessories, such as our Top Props. Proudly made in South Central Pennsylvania, we are still a very small, employee-owned, company and we remain dedicated to manufacturing here in the United States as we know it benefits our country and our local community.

By buying Made in USA products 100% of your money goes to supporting businesses right here in the United States. When you purchase products that are made overseas, only a percentage of that money stays here. Why is that important? It’s because that money gets used to pay employees, such as yourself, who use it to provide for their families and to support their communities. When there’s less money to go around, that cycle becomes more and more difficult.

When you purchase products from Skid Row, you are actually supporting several other small, local companies here in South Central Pennsylvania as well. For example, we don’t manufacture custom boxes, so we have another local company make them for us. We also do not have the facilities to electroplate our parts. So yet another local company does that for us. There are over a dozen companies that we work with, and that you help support, when you purchase our products. In addition, we also support our local offroad parks that provide you, our customers, with fun, interesting, and legal places to play offroad.

When you Buy American you support our country’s economy in more ways than you may realize. American manufacturing companies rely on consumers, both here and abroad, buying American-made products. Yes, we do live in a global economy, but there needs to be balance, and we all know that isn’t the case at this time. Making the effort to buy products that are Made in USA really does help.

So, please, do a little research before you buy. If the part you’re looking at isn’t specifically labelled as Made in USA, it probably isn’t. Yes, you may end up paying a little more, but odds are that you’ll also be getting a better quality product instead of a cheap, knock-off..... and that usually means you’ll be spending less in the long run.

We are committed to making quality products here in the United States that let you enjoy your vehicle more whether it’s on the street or on a trail. We share your passion and always enjoy seeing our customers out having fun with our products. Please stop us to say Hello if you see us out wheeling our Jeeps. We'd love to meet you. Happy trails!